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Citygarden (2015)

Citygarden (Published Version)
2015. Pen on paper. 310mm x 490mm (publication size).
Based on a visit of 12 days, 13 – 25 June, 2015.

Citygarden (book view) Mound City (book view)

Citygarden is one of two works commissioned in 2015 by the Gateway Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting public art in St. Louis, Missouri. Citygarden itself is the extraordinarily popular sculpture garden they created on two vacant lots in the center of the city. The drawing documents the dozens of hours I spent familiarizing myself with the park over the course of 12 days. Its city-wide companion piece, Mound City, documents the many works they've placed around the greater St. Louis area.

The drawings were comissioned for inclusion in the monograph Please Touch, designed and subedited by Sarah Newitt and Kristen Malone of Kiku Obata & Company, and published by Prestel (2016).

Both drawings were significantly pared of their annotations and anecdotal content for publication in the book. The unedited works cannot be published or linked-to for contractual reasons.

Please Touch is available directly from the The Gateway Foundation.
ISBN 3791382896

Please Touch (front cover view)

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