J. Maizlish Mole is an artist, songwriter and musician.

Kiss Mint (2009)

Kiss Mint
2009. Acrylic & pencil on board. 201mm x 125mm.
From ‘Multiples’, Mari Paz Gallery, Acquire Arts, Battersea, London.

Kitty Finer’s ‘Multiples’ project involved nine different artists painting from the same set of five packaging images. The artists involved were: Marcia Farquhar, Kitty Finer, Jem Finer, Lena Henke, Jane Howard, J. Maizlish, Mahali O’Hare, Silke Thoss and Bob Tooke (aka DM Bob). The resulting 45 paintings were shown together in Finer’s flat-pack Mari Paz gallery, a gallery-within-a-gallery installed at Acquire Arts in Battersea, London, on 9 July 2009.

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