J. Maizlish Mole is an artist, songwriter and musician.

The House & Orchards (2016)

The House & Orchards
2016. Pen on paper, digital composite. 58cm x 42cm. Edition of 80.
Based on 14 days’ travel on foot and ATV, June 2016.

The House & Orchards (pond view) The House & Orchards (pencil rough) The House & Orchards (prints) The House & Orchards (print detail)

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The House & Orchards is the first of two works produced on a vast, 2400-acre ranch near Cloverdale, California – in this case, concentrated only on the 30-acre area around the property’s orchards and main residence. The other drawing, The Land, is a detailed exploration of the entire property. These drawings were privately commissioned as a pilot project for a prospective artists’ residency programme. The travelling phase of this work was completed during a 14-day stay in June 2016.

The area represented here is a complex of olive orchards, fruit trees and ungrazed pasture-land, including a large, off-grid communal residence. As with the other map, I began by inhabiting and exploring the area over a span of unhurried and unstructured time – memorizing, noting, attaching names and anecdotal associations to things – until a sufficiently detailed mental map of the place could be recalled during the drawing process. This dreamy, gradual process of familiarization is at the core of the work; the resulting drawing surveys that time, and the approximate after-image it left in memory.

jmm, Feb ’18

A small edition of Giclée prints are available from Feast of Five, purveyors of the premium olive oil produced on the land.

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The House & Orchards (pencil sketch) The House & Orchards (ink closeup) The House & Orchards (ink work)